Wednesday, August 19, 2009


Hunters vs. Farmers...

This is one of my favorites of Eric Worre's show "Network Marketing Pro".

Duuuuude- I have been SUCH a hunter, and have been looking for ways to go from a sniper shot to a BAZOOKA!
That's what a lot of the "Sponsor 30 people a day" people sell- the Bazooka.

I've recently been changing a lot of that thought process, but the truth is it's a difficult switch to make. While watching this I had a small epiphany. The action of "Taking it away" I saw as a great TACTIC to "use" on prospects to get them to join, but I heard a voice in my head (I hear them all the time, don't worry) say "Yes, Bones, maybe- but I would suggest you use the "take away" not as a tactic on them but on YOURSELF- to remind yourself that they may NOT be for it."

Smart voice, huh?