Thursday, May 28, 2009


The Choice

Every day, every moment, we get to choose who want to be.
I can choose to be you, and you can choose to be me.

When a baby cries, when the rain falls,
When the phone rings, and it's our mother who calls.

We get to choose who we want to be, no matter what happened.
We can choose to be someone who smiles, or be someone who is saddened.

when someone smiles at you, you can choose to smile back,
or if he's creepy, you can choose to give him a smack.

When someone sneezes, we have a choice
we can be a cheerful "God bless you" voice.

If our children fall, and even if we're scared,
we can choose to be the parent who says "I'll be right there"

We can choose to yell, or we can choose to soothe,
Or we can choose to be the one who kisses away the bruise.

We can choose to fight, we can choose to scream,
we can choose to be someone who eats ice cream.

When we see someone hungry, who is only eating scraps,
we can choose to help, or say "Lift yourself from your bootstraps"

Today 25,000 people died of starvation,
a number that doesn't seem real,

and yet when you see someone dying,
you never knew how deeply you could feel.

You can choose to see them as "Those people over there",
or you can choose to be someone who loves them and cares.

So here's my question to you, a question that was asked of me.
Now that you know they are dying, who do you choose to be?