Monday, March 23, 2009



Here's what's dumb about THE APPRENTICE...

On the Apprentice, the team that loses invariably look to get rid of the project manager, or some difficult person. More often than not, they get rid of the project manager. Sometimes the get rid of someone who was causing some friction; usually because they were trying to get the job done.

So, they way to win on the apprentice is to do AS LITTLE AS POSSIBLE and not get noticed, so you never end up in the hot seat.

That is an HORRIBLE lesson.

Instead of firing the people who are actually trying to get the job done, the teams should realize who contributed the least, and get rid of THAT person.

For example, so far, Dennis Rodman has been skating by this entire time by NOT contributing, and last night, his team won- so he wasn't voted off.

The women lost, but while Kardashian did NOTHING, they fired the project manager, and almost fired Melissa Rivers, who is definitely a pain in the ass, but is a good contributor to the whole.

At the end of this season, we'll see a bunch of people who have NO skills, NO initiative, and NO BUSINESS being at the end of the show, and that's certainly NOT deserving of being the apprentice.

Here in HUB, we are filled with people who truly WANT TO MAKE DIFFERENCE- even if it's just being a member- you are fulfilling an important part of our collective mission- TO END WORLD POVERTY.

What do YOU think?