Monday, March 23, 2009


How ACN missed their big chance...

On last night's APPRENTICE, ACN did a brilliant thing- and then they dropped the ball...

Last night's CELEBRITY APPRENTICE show was basically a two-hour commercial for ACN and their new videophone. Now personally, I think videophones are THE PAST since we have the internet, but I accept that not everyone is caught up yet, so they might as well sell the phones to Luddites and reps.

So, they had TWO presentations about the phones to get ACN's "Sales force" hyped up on it- What a BRILLIANT move by ACN.

After the presentatiions, which were watched by millions, they had a real ad, directing everyone to their website

I went their to check it out, and saw how MYOPIC people can be...

When I got their, it gave me an option- "See the videophone in action", which told me how great it was (which was wasste considering I just watched 2 hours of how great it was), and "Learn more about the business opportunity". When you click either of these, the MOST you could do was "request an ACN rep" to contact you.


Why do I say that? Well- here they had a chance to SELL VIDEOPHONES. If they had just put up "Get the videophone for (however much) and get two for (however much) and get the second one to be delivered to your friend or loved one free", they would have CLEANED UP.

More than that, they would have had MORE PEOPLE USING THE PHONE.

Then, they should have just added a RANDOMIZER to let the sale go to ANY of their reps, and given their reps some free commissions, along with the purchaser's info, so they could contact them later and ask about the phone.

Also, during the sale, they could have told them "Join the biz opp, and get this phone for a discount", and upgraded people AUTOMATICALLY, and ALSO given their reps free, random reps.


Because they have those "MLM GLASSES" on SO TIGHT, they didn't remember to keep the main thing the main thing- which is to SELL PHONES, and create a LOYAL CUSTOMER BASE.

Now, of the many millions who watched and went to the site, I am sure that far too many of them left the site without ever knowing how much the phones cost, nor left any information at all.

ACN- you missed your BIG CHANCE. Next time, call me!