Saturday, February 07, 2009


No- Politically correct is NOT an Ad campaign...

Wow- how dumb is this? They are trying to sell these wear-on-your-face tv screens, which ARE cool- I mean, I have a pair (not this brand).
However, 2 things:

1- I never use them.

2- If I WERE to use them, and I were a thick-necked guy, I would NEVER wear them for OLD MOVIES... I would wear them for the BIG FOOTBALL GAME-

Oh, but I see- you've covered that crowd:

Only a boardroom (excuse me- BOREDroom) would say: "Oh yeah, we'll show the HOT WOMAN watching the football game- That'll confuse them into buying!"

Stupid, stupid, stupid.

They may sell, but only because they're the only one advertising these at all.
I've got an idea- get the boredroom people, strap these glasses on them, and make them a powerpoint of watch their ads cost more than their sales.