Monday, February 23, 2009



ABC has "Extreme Makeover Home Edition", and it is a very inspiring show. The weird thing is how it all started...

I don't know if you remember this, but there was a show "Extreme Makeover", which was all about people getting plastic surgery. The show had a slight inspiring tinge to it, but it was hard to do it considering it was about vanity- even though it was more about self-esteem in the end. However, the show took a VERY long time for the surgey to be done, healed, and the workouts, etc.

So, they tried this "Home Edition" thing, where they did a house in a week, and told the story of the people.

And it caught on!

It's all about a community coming together to help a family, and create a better future for them-

And it gets me every time! Tears, sniffles- every time.

I'm not the only one, as ABC has had the show on for a long time now, and it gets great ratings- I believe that WE AS A PEOPLE are growing and changing and wanting to help each other.

Actually, I think that's true because we recognize that WE would each like help, and when we help others, we help ourselves b/c we ARE the same organism.

(I've been reading "Conversations with God", which says we ARE all one organism)

YOU can help by being an active part of HUB, and I just put a website together to really help us get going with HUB:

(That URL has changed what it's to be about several times now!)

Humanitu Unites Brilliance is going to do it- MOVE THAT BUS!!!!