Tuesday, December 30, 2008


People who "float" tend to sink, but why?

After reading "TRIBES" by Seth Godin, I'm looking to change some sacred cows in the industry-

Let me "Float" an idea your way...

People usually "float" ideas around people they know, like and respect when they are presented with a new idea, or thinking about a decision.

But in MLM, that can be a disaster.

Usually, we tell our new guy that "YOU have to decide first, and THEN people will follow you". And that's definitely the way it works because it's true in leadership.

But most people aren't leaders.

And most people who see MLM for the first time don't know what to think of it yet. EVEN THE LEADERS.

So, they'll do what most people do-

They'll "FLOAT" an idea.

And it is usually met with scorn, ridicule, or they're told a bunch of misinformation from someone who thinks they know.

So, we ALWAYS tell them to "NOT tell anyone" until they're in, and have learned how to be bold, and LEAD.

But that RARELY works, because most people AREN'T leaders.

So, that's why we have the quit rate we do- people do what's normal, it doesn't work,
and they quit.

But there's another option rather than telling them not to say anything. I mean- we WANT high numbers, right? We WANT most people, don't we?

LET them "float" the idea.

Why not make the idea "Floatable" to begin with?

Why not have the "Float" built-in to the presentation?

I've been working with Jerry and Jessica Conti, and I think we've come up with the way to "Float" the idea of HUB for a new person, so that we can completely change the way MLM is done.

I want to find the MOST people, and let them HELP US find the leaders- that makes sense doesn't it?

What do you think?