Wednesday, July 23, 2008


I have a popular T-Shirt

Today I got the most welcoming looks ever.

There were so many people who gave me a "great Shirt"
or a "Yeah" as I passed them it was a little silly.

People were acting like I was their friend, and it was all because of my T-Shirt.

Actually, it was all because of a man.
Actually, it was all because of a message that man gives.

The message of Hope.
Isn't that reason enough to vote for that man and his message?

Someone else said "They'll never let it happen" and "They'll kill him if he gets there".

I think that would just be the saddest thing ever.

Anyway, this is a business blog, so let me just say that T-Shirt advertising certainly still works. The question is- what message are you advertising?

On another note, two different people swore to me that they wanted their own T-Shirt, so I gave them my info to email me so they could.

Neither did it.

So, in my own dealings with people, I think it would be wise to realize that most people will do NOTHING if given the chance.

Remember that when you're prospecting;
If not even Barack Obama can move his people to action, maybe your message better be more than hope.