By Bones Rodriguez: 125th and Martin Luther King Blvd...

Monday, April 21, 2008


125th and Martin Luther King Blvd...

After going to Rick and Meital's Passover Seder this weekend, and then watching the finale of "The Big Give", I decided that this week would be "Benevolence week".

I went to 125th and MLK in Manhattan to hand out "" buttons to passers by. I figured (correctly), that I would find a better concentration of African-Americans there than on my own Columbus and 97th street.

Although many people ignored me as I tried to hand them a button, there were far more who took one, and more importantly, several people gave me a "Thanks Brutha!", which I really appreciated. In fact, I noticed that I got more attention from someone when I called them "brutha or sista", so "Here ya go Brutha- too proud for the N word?" became the opener.

I handed out 2 per person, and after a bit, an older gentleman was so into the movement, he took a bag and started handing them out with me. I felt SOOO proud that this older man (he was at least 65) with a little limp and white hair would stand out there with me handing them out. He gave short lectures and chased people down if they didn't take a button- especially the pretty women! No matter what happens after today (as I've now given out all 2500 buttons that I started with), I can feel like I really did something.

Some people asked if I would come to their school and talk or something, and I figured "sure". The message is all the same.

Now, we'll see if any of the 2500 buttons make it to the website and some more are created...