Thursday, January 03, 2008


I'm a LOSER- please help me.

Hey %$firstname$%,

Y'know- we tend to think we're better than people
who are addicted to drugs or alcohol, but I've
got some news for you:

Your body can be addicted to ANY chemical.

and FEELINGS are chemicals.

FEELINGS are chemical reactions in your body that
your brain spits out. For example, when you think of
something funny, your BODY reacts by laughing.

When you think of something SEXY, your body reacts-
(on us men, it's a little more obvious!)

So, if those are chemicals running around in our
body, and our body can be addicted to ANY chemical-


And some of us are ADDICTED to FEELING like LOSERS.

We feel like losers so much, that even when we win,
we're so addicted to the loser feeling, that we find
a way to look at it so we feel like a loser. Or we
mess it up so we can get the FEELING of losing.

AMAZING isn't it?

Now here's the GOOD part-


Just like it's not an alcoholic's FAULT that they
are addicted to alcohol, it is a CHEMICAL reaction
in their body.


They ARE responsible for it. That means, they can CHOOSE
to NOT drink. They can CHOOSE to not go to a bar; they
can CHOOSE a new life.

When Alcoholics first get sober, many get attached to,
and get addicted emotionally, to other things: smoking
sex, exercise, work, etc. But ultimately, they choose
something ELSE- that's what "RESPONSE-ABILITY" means:

the ability to CHOOSE your RESPONSE.

So- if you're addicted to being a LOSER, then you'll
do things like ask for information on how to make
money, but then not follow-up. You'll not return
a phone call, or you won't ever get started with

That's what LOSERS do if they keep CHOOSING to be
addicted to their LOSING.

But you can make a DIFFERENT choice. You can choose to
QUIT LOSING by QUITTING doing what a loser does.


You can pick up the stupid phone, and call me, and
let me help you instead of being scared and lazy.

I myself am addicted to losing, so I have to
carefully choose NOT to do the loser things I want
to do.

Yesterday I messed up big time.

I did NOTHING productive, and the losing felt GREAT
because I had a pity party for myself. It was only
the second day of the year, and I had already quit
on all my "big plans" for the New Year.

I chose LOSING.

But then I went to a meeting, because I had to,
and got around a bunch of WINNERS.
I got around successful people, and since I wanted to
fit in, I ACTED like a winner- and guess what happened?

It felt even BETTER than losing!

Today I've been ON FIRE!!!

I went to the Gym, I've talked with my publicist, I've
written some new stuff (this email just flowed out),
and I've made a new plan for 2008.

Anyway, I just wanted you to know that if you've already
broken your New Year's resolutions- you're not alone.

AND- that today, you can start AGAIN- you can start a NEW

You can CHOOSE to QUIT losing, and I'll be right there
next to you-


Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,
Bones Rodriguez