Thursday, December 13, 2007


I started a movement yesterday...

I sent this email out yesterday:

To everyone, but especially to the rappers of the world,

I get it.

It rhymes with trigger, bigger, and "figger", as in "I 'figger' we'll go have lunch, Margaret"

I had heard it a few times when I was younger, and knew that it wasn't to be said, knew it wasn't to be heard, and certainly wasn't to be put to music.

So what happened?

I freely admit that not everyone feels the same way I do about "the N Word", and in the comedy world, in looking for a punch line, one might forget the murder,
dismemberment, rape, torture, attempted genocide, drownings, brandings, whippings, tear gassings, church bombings, baby manglings, animal attacks, mental, physical, emotional
and spiritual evils committed by people with "The N word" on their lips.

But for some reason I stopped laughing.
And stopped singing along.
And stopped allowing it in conversation around me.

2 weeks ago, I was on the train reading "Martin Luther King Jr. on Leadership" when some high school kids, middle school kids, and elementary school kids came on laughing and talking with each other. Girls flirting, boys trying to impress-

But all I could hear was that word.

Almost like it was the only thing they were saying.

I didn't do anything that day- but I am now.
Now I AM doing something.
And I'm asking for your help.

I had some buttons made that say:

and would like the website and the buttons passed around.

Anyone know a publicist who wants a story? How about a leader in the Black Community? Anyone visible whom I can get a button (or 100) into their hand?
This is my partial list:

Bill Cosby
Dennis Kimbro
Les Brown
Dennis Kimbro
Jesse Jackson
Al Sharpton
Will Smith
Barak Obama
Spike Lee
Dave Chapelle
Eddie Murphy
Al Roker
Russell Simmons
P. Diddy
Magic Johnson

and the only two white guys: Quentin Tarantino and Stephen Colbert.

I am not looking for more names, I am looking for introductions, invitations, or direct contact info.

You may feel this "isn't your problem", and you may be right.
So what.

"All evil needs is for good people to do nothing"

Let Your Light So Shine Before Men,
Bones Rodriguez- 917-450-7925

"One mind awake can awaken another,
The second awake can awaken their next door brother.
Three awake can awaken the town
By turning the whole place upside down.
Many awake can make such a fuss
That they finally awaken the rest of us."- Helen Kromer