Monday, September 10, 2007


The Worst Email Ever....

I feel awful right now.

I just got this email about someone I know, who I haven't spoken to in a while:

This is an urgent call to help my brother ***.

I have intercepted his emails because my brother has
full blown AIDs and is dying from his Crack drug addiction.
My sister and I tried to have an intervention for our brother but it has failed. He's gone on the streets again and god knows where he is. He's homelss and doing god knows what from the drugs.
*** is extremely addicted to Crack Cocain and needs to be in a treatment
facility. If you happen to see or hear from him be do
not enable him. He lies and will manipulate whomever
will allow him the opportunity.

My name is ******** I can be reached at

Please help me try to save his life.

His sister, ********

He was a talented dancer, and was looking forward to how his life was going to unfold.
We occasionally talked about principlesof success, and spirituality, and we kept each
other appraised of our progress. He had choreographed a few dances, and really seemed
on the road to somewhere.

There but by the Grace of God....

What happens when someone gives up like that? Did the AIDS make him give up? I don't know how I would handle that news; I may have done the same thing. I can't help but wonder, maybe if I had talked to him more often, or maybe if I gone to his shows, or maybe SOMETHING.

How can I reach MORE people with the message?

What's the message?

The message is- IT'S YOUR LIFE; YOU CAN DO IT.... something like that.

Can't help but wonder about the friends I haven't spoken to, the friends who are "in danger", the friends who made a different choice. Can I really make a difference? What if I can't?

But.....What if I CAN?