Tuesday, September 18, 2007


Robert Kiyosaki Goes To Church....

Today Robert Kiyosaki spoke at the Marble Collegiate Church, in front of a pretty small group of people who donated to WLIW Public Television. His wife Kim kiyosaki and Ken McCarthy spoke too.

Of course, I was RIVETED.

I have heard Robert and Kim so many times, and yet I learn something almost everytime I hear them. It's amazing how just ONE SENTENCE can actually be worth thousands.

Wondering what that sentence was?

Well, maybe I'll tell you in a bit, but for right now, how's this:

"People will spend THOUSANDS on new golf clubs, but won't go buy golf LESSONS".

I liked that one. It's truee that the part we try to skip is the learning. Everything is about skipping the mearning, but learning is so much fun!

He also mentioned the value of making mistakes and going forward, EXPECTING to do it wrong. "If you don't start, you don't get smarter".

He mentioned what he thought was the BEST investment for the little guy right now, and BE SURE that I'll be taking his advice on that. Wanna know what it is?

You should donate to WLIW and find out!

But I've made you wait long enough for the Thousand-dollar sentence, so here it is:

"Our objective is to always go to INFINITE leverage"

That is SO heavy if you understand it.

He means that they are always investing in order to get their money back out, as quickly as possible. No, I've heard that before, and I even practice it often. But the word "Always" is what made the difference today.


That means that even in my businesses, I should be looking for INFINITE leverage;
not just in MONEY, but in TIME too- does that make sense?

GETTING THE TIME BACK is the ultimate leverage, right?

"Our objective is to always go to INFINITE leverage"

Thanks Robert!