Sunday, August 26, 2007



Yesterday, we had a SUPER SATURDAY in New York,
and you won't believe the way it ended.

A Super Saturday happens around once a month, and it's when
some of our leaders come in to speak to the larger team. This
month we had:

Les Brown

Radio & T.V. Personality; Author of the best
seller– “Live Your Dreams.”


Eric Worre, in his 1st year in the business, is earning
over $114,000 a month

Antonio Adair, former postal worker, Now a Million Dollar

Vice President

Mr. Brent Jensen

It started LATE, but Antonio did a FANTASTIC overview of the
business- really funny, down-to-earth and informative.

Laura and I got to come up for a testimonial- I was good,
and Laura was great.

Then Brent Jensen told us about some of the things that are
coming up for Agel- New Products like Pre-natal vitamins
in Gel form, Omega-3's, and some others.

LES BROWN told us all how "You got to be HOWNGRY"
and that "It's Possible"

and Then ERIC WORRE came up.

For a man who makes over a million dollars a year in
RESIDUAL income, he seemed awfully relaxed.

I think I would be jumping up and down all the time,
but he was extremely humble about how and why
he built his business.

And then he told us the key:

100 QUALITY Exposures.

QUALITY Exposures.


He said if you do that in one year, you'll have a good business.
If you did it faster, you'd have a better business.

QUALITY Exposures.

Not "I got into this THING, and I think maybe..."
Not "I get one, and then you get one..."
Not "Hey- watch this and call me"

But making appointments, following up properly
and giving good information. If you can do 100
QUALITY Exposures, you can set yourself up to
be FREE for LIFE- and you'll help OTHER PEOPLE
do the same.

But I haven't gotten to the best part yet.

He gave us specific scripts to use, and exactly HOW
to Invite- he gave us the PSYCHOLOGY behind it.

Then it was over- and MOST PEOPLE left and went home.

But not Me, Laura or my MOM (who flew up from Miami
to see Eric and Les speak)

No- we stuck around- just to see if Eric wanted to go to dinner.

and he did.

Along with Brent Jensen.

Laura, Mom and I went to dinner with the Vice President and with Eric Worre.

That's it.

No one else came.

We held them hostage for 2 hours.

And picked their brains.

We told them about our webcasts, and how people are excited
and growing. We told them about how we find them online, but
then bring them to events, and how we CAN'T WAIT for AGEL WORLD
in October.

Then I realized they was making US talk, and we chose to SHUT UP
and ask them questions-

They told US about the OTHER STUFF they didn't get to say at the
meeting- like what countries are coming on board, and what products
are going to completely change the game, and HOW ERIC IS SPONSORING

He says he has NO patience for whiners and people who don't go to events.

He said that people who don't go to events don't grow.

He said that even though he makes over a MILLION DOLLARS A YEAR,
some people STILL don't get in the business with him. Can you IMAGINE that?

We talked about Network marketing and how it's grown over the years,
and how he wants to put together a book on what he's learned and
what he wished someone had told him ten years ago.

Just the five of us, at the Hilton Hotel restaurant, and Brent picked up
the check! How great was that?

So, if you thought I was on HYPER-DRIVE before, WATCH THE FREAK OUT-
I am on Super-Duper-Transwarp-Hyper-Mega-Tachyon-Particle DRIVE NOW!!

I'll be adding some training videos to our website so we can invite
people to the webcasts with the SAME PSYCHOLOGY that Eric taught
last night- We are DOING IT- are YOU coming?

Create Wealth
Have Fun
Help Others!!