Saturday, July 14, 2007


Ratatouille- I may NOT hate rats anymore!

I heard this movie was great, but I didn't believe it. I went anyway, because my friend told me I had to, and I SO grateful I did.

The movie is Fantastic!!! The action is exciting, the jokes are funny, the storyline is wonderfully put together. Not too crazy, not too grounded in reality.

From the preview I knew that the mouse was going to "marionette" the kid into cooking (Is that a word?), and I thought that was silly, so it kinda took away my desire to see it. However, watching the movie, it just seems like it's aLMOST possible, and after some prctice montage, it works!

Peter O'Toole is Phenomenal, and I now want him to do as many voice-overs as possible!!

Freakin' Pixar is amazing.

By the way, the short that comes before the movie is great too.

Please go see this movie, it is probably the best film of the summer, but now it's between Die Hard, Knocked Up, and this.