Saturday, June 09, 2007


I don't give a Horse's Ass!

New York is filthy.

Sometimes I don't realize it because when you live in filth, it's hard to see it.

A fish doesn't know it's in water.

When I go to other cities, I notice how clean they all are.

I'm not quite sure how to fix all of it, but I have one thing that would make a HUGE difference to me, and if I were Mayor, the FIRST thing I would do is:


I don't wanna hear about how tourists love them, and they want to see Central Park in one.

Who cars what they want?

The Horseshit gets all over the road, and it stinks. And then it dries and flies through the air when cars pass it.

People say they are nostalgic for a tour of Central park, but I say let the pedicabs do it, or let's get some electric horses made- POST HASTE.

Not to mention that these horses are NOT happy horses.

When I run for Mayor, my double-entendre slogan will be:

"Get rid of the HorseShit"

Vote for Bones for Mayor of New York.