Thursday, June 14, 2007


Freakin' Giuliani....!!!!

When Giuliani was Mayor of New York- way before 9/11, Matt Kalman of and I made up an improv about him.

It was later stolen by Saturday Night Live.

It was about two guys who blamed EVERYTHING on "Freakin' Giuliani"
(Of course, when we did it, it was "Fuckin' Giuliani")

People in New York were mad at the time because Rudy closed down the strip clubs and made 42nd street into Disney world.

But it was safer, and I WAAAAAAAYYYYY preferred it to David Dinkins' New York, which was savage beatings and crime u the wazzoo.

In fact I liked Giuliani, and was ALL for him as mayor.

Now that he's running for President, everyone is acting like he did nothing before 9/11, and I wanna say that's BULL.

I'm not saying I'm voting for him, but I AM saying that he was an EXCELLENT mayor, and his opposition is taking cheap shots about 9/11 being his only display of leadership.

And mind you- it was a heck of a display.

Now then- I would ALSO like to tell Rudy to slow down on all the 9/11 posturing too.
I think his advisers are telling him to say 9/11 all the time, just so we stay reminded- I don't need reminding.

Just show us what you got NOW Rudy- I think it's a lot.

"Man.... my feet hurt today... all this concrete everywhere makes my feet hurt... "FUCKIN' GIUIANI!!!"