Monday, March 12, 2007


Luckily, I'm Grateful...

I keep hearing that we should feel "grateful for what we have", so we can open ourselves up to getting more.

And I like more.

However, I've been struggling a bit with feeling grateful, and I'll tell you why:

I have a HARD time feeling grateful for something that I have WORKED for.

If I go to the gym, and I get my body working the way I want, and looking the way I want, should I feel GRATEFUL? I mean, don't I DESERVE that?

Isn't that what is SUPPOSED to happen?

If I work for it, and plan, and have discipline, and eat right, and all of that, I don't see why I should feel GRATEFUL for it.

But I DO want to feel grateful. So, I asked myself:

"Self, when DO you feel grateful?"

and discovered that I felt grateful when something comes out of the blue- when I'm lucky.

But I hear there's no such thing as luck:

"Luck is when preparedness meets opportunity"- Seneca

"There's no such thing as luck"- Obi-wan Kenobi

So it looks like I was stuck-
Until I changed my mind.

If I'm LUCKY that I had the discipline to go to the gym, and I feel LUCKY that it worked out- then I can feel GRATEFUL for it.

If I decide that I am LUCKY that I married the best woman ever, and LUCKY that I get to be an actor, and LUCKY that I read alot, and learn, and start businesses, and write books, etc- then I can feel GRATEFUL for all of that!

SO, I have decided that I am a VERY, VERY, VERY lucky guy, and I automatically feel grateful for it.

I might start to feel guilty for all my luck- BUT NOT YET!!!

Moreover, it used to bother me if someone called me lucky, because I felt it took away from me somehow- like it invalidated anything. But now, I can say "Yup- I sure am lucky!", and then even HE believes it- and I get LUCKIER1!!

So, from now on, I'm a LUCKY guy-

and I'm GRATEFUL for it!!