Wednesday, March 07, 2007


The DEATH of America?

Someone over at Marvel Comics has made another stupid error:

Ok, so maybe they need to make some sales, and maybe he's not as popular as he might have been when we hadd high morale in the country.

But we ARE at war.
And even if we are at war under false pretenses,
and even if the people we've voted for are completely out of thier minds with power,
and even if we don't trust the government with ANYTHING,
There's a place for Capain America.

Our war may be some international scam, but our enemies DO want us dead.
America definitely NEEDS a hero that stands for our principles of Freedom.
I suppose this is to incite a cry for a Captain America Movie,
and a resurrection at some point (he HAS been resurrected before),
but I think it's just to drum up some sales.

That being said, I WILL be getting a copy!