Thursday, March 08, 2007


Creating the atmosphere- FOR LOVE....

Yesterday I was watching a special on space travel and all of that, and they were talking about how we can "terraform" a planet like Mars to sustain Human life.

Apparently, the only thing really standing in the way of that is creating an atmosphere.

An atmosphere is just the air and water that gets trapped orbiting our planet that keeps heat in, and allows it to rain and things like that. An atmosphere is essential for life on our planet. So, how does one create one?

Simple- Hair spray.


Yup it seems that the problem with our atmosphere is that it's gotten "too thick" because of chloro-fluorocarbons that are released from aerosols.

But those same particles that are making OUR atmosphere too thick, can be used to CREATE AN ATMOSPHERE on Mars!

So- our HUGE problem has actually become a HUGE solution.


Let THAT remind you that problems in your life, MAY be the solutions too!!