Saturday, February 03, 2007


"I'm trying to get my Aura BRIGHTER than any of yours..."

I heard this the other day, and had to write about it.

This quote came from someone who saw what he thinks were auras escaping people as they were dying. So it asks the question:

Is there a competition for whose Aura is brighter?

I say there IS.

I say that most people ARE somehow competing with each other for who is the "better person", and that the "scoring mechanism" changes depending on who is doing the thinking. For example:

Rich people think they're winning
Poor people think they're winning
Ugly people think they're winning
Pretty people think they're winning

They all think they're winning- but the game has arbitrary rules, and no one is following them anyway!

Can you play a game of basketball without a net?
Can you play a game of "tag" if no one is "it"
Can you run a race without a finish line?

No- and similarly, you can't play the "Who is BETTER" game unless everyone agrees to the rules, and is playing the same game.

I might think I'm playing basketball against you, but if you think we're playing soccer, we BOTH think we're winning the game- and meantime:

THERE IS NO GAME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ask a Muslim, and he'll tell you he's winning the game against the Christian, who thinks he's winning the game against the Jew, who thinks he's winning the game against the Muslim.

Not only that, but even in those LARGE competitions, they compete against each other:

Muslims are trying to be "More Muslim" than the other Muslims.
Christians are trying to be "More Christian" than the other Christians.
Jews are trying to be "More Jewish" than the other Jews.

In this "Better than you" competition, everyone agrees that the scoring mechanism is to be "More Liked by God" than anyone else. However:

No one is asking the same God!

And more importantly- HE IS NOT ANSWERING!!!!

(and by the way, atheists and the "non-religious" DEFINITELY feel superior too)

And it's not just in religion:

"My CAR is better than you car, therefore I am better"
"My WIFE is better than your wife, therefore I am better"
"My CHILDREN are better than your children, therefore I am better"

Sometimes we subtly agree to these games and their rules, but then find a game where WE are the winner:

"Yeah, he drives a nice car, but our house is bigger"
"Yeah, she's pretty, but at least I'm smart"
and my favorite:
"We're not rich, but at least we're honest" (spider man 1)

It would seem that we all think we're in a million different races, but none have a finish line, and in the meantime, we could actually be helping each other run our OWN race.

Look, I'm not saying that I am above ANY of this- (in fact, my wife actually IS better than your wife :-) )

But I AM saying that we have LEARNED all of this, and we can UNlearn it too.

You don't compete with your friends about who learns their ABC's faster, because you have all already learned them, and they aren't important anymore. In fact, if one of your friends or family members didn't know their ABC's, you'd try to help them-

we'd ALL try to help them.

So what do we have to learn before we can ALL try to help each other in our OWN races?

Beats me, but in the meantime, why don't we work on helping YOU get your Aura brighter according to what YOU think it should be, and I'm gonna ask you to help me with mine?