Thursday, February 01, 2007


Gifts Give Profit...

Laura and I are getting lazier and lazier here in our love nest, so instead of going out shopping for food, we ordered our groceries online from FRESH DIRECT.

Because it was our first order, they packed in an unadvertised special "Thank you gift"- a box of "Chocolate Crisps", normally sold for $9.

They were chocolate, andLaura is a woman.

Laura LIKES the Chocolate Crisps.

I thought they were ok- not great. However, I WAS impressed that they sent them to us.

So when Laura ordered again yesterday, she not only bought the $9 Chocolate Crisps for herself, but so that I wasn't left out, she bought me the $7 "Chocolate Bark" made up of Chocolate, pretzels and peanut butter chips.

Wow, Yummy.

So, the $9 gift, which cost them a considerable amount less, became $16 on our next order.

Not a bad return at all for a gift.

Now how can I make this work for me when Christmas comes around?