Saturday, February 10, 2007


A Deck of Cards = Nice Body?

It's damn cold here in NYC.

Damn Cold.

Since my Gym is across town, and it's DAMN COLD, I am less than motivated to go over there.

However, I DO need to work out.

So, I remembered a workout I used to do in college, and thought I'd do it.

It kicked my ass.

Here it is:

Take a regular deck of 52 cards, and shuffle them.

Then turn over a card:

If it's a Spade, you do that number of squats
If it's a Club, you do that many Pull-ups
If it's a Diamond, you do that many crunches
If it's a Heart, you do that many push-ups.

Aces are worth 20.

You can of course increase the intensity by adding weight, by varying the excercises, by doing full sit-ups instead of crunches, etc.
You can also play with the Jokers being something special- like 10 of each in one big circuit.

I take no responsibility for your muscles the next day.