Monday, February 12, 2007


$20 for a slave kid?

So apparently, there are some villages so poor in Africa (how poor are they?), that parents sell their kids to work for fishermen who use them as slave labor.

for 20 bucks.

Of course, the parents don't know they're treated so poorly, but that's beside the point. Some of these kids are 4 years old, and their entire job is to scoop water out of a fishing kayak. Some of them are rowing, and some are throwing nets.

And they get ONE meal a day.

So now there are organizations who are rescuing these kids by asking the fishermen to let them go- out of the kindness of their hearts.

Some DO let some kids go, but the fishermen DO need to make a living, and they want their businesses to continue.

-and they SHOULD want that. Without them, there is NO HOPE for the entire continent.

Even "the land of opportunity" had it's child labor issues, and we flourished on slave labor, but we eventually pulled out. Other countries are where we were just a short time ago.

Why don't we HELP THEM get further along?

If the 4 year old is just scooping out water, why can't we show them a machine that does it?
If the family is so poor that they have to sell their kid to get groceries, why can't we show them that instead of buying groceries, they can buy a COW, and sell milk, cheese, and calves?
If we have figured out BETTER ways to do something, why aren't we showing them?

Of course, isn't this the argument for why we "helped" the Native American, and then took their land?

Where is the line between "helping" and "conquering"?

I honestly believe that what WE are doing- or at least what we SAY we are doing- or at least what we say we are TRYING to do here in America is the way to go- FREEDOM and INDIVIDUAL rights.

So if it costs $20 for a kid, isn't the world better off buying that kid an education, and giving the fisherman a machine?

I think so.

I guess that's it.