Friday, January 12, 2007


My "ULTIMATE" epiphany...

I have been playing this video game "Marvel Ultimate Alliance" a lot lately.


I think the game is fantastic, and it involves playing many of the heroes from Marvel comics (Spider-man, Captain America, Iron Man, etc.) as they battle the evil plans of Dr. Doom.

When you are playing as any of the heroes, you are allowed to assign "points" to powers and strengths to their attributes, and take away from others. The computer can assign points for you in a methodically balanced way, or you can take control yourself.

Here's the epiphany:

I noticed that when I play the game, I prefer to take control myself (duh), and assign MANY points to one or two particular powers, and leave the others weak. That way I can use those powers exclusively, and have them be powerful.

For example, on Captain America, he has several powers, one of which is "Shield Throw". I have taken points away from all of his other powers, so that his "Shield Throw" is really strong.

and I use his "Shield Throw" all the time.

HOWEVER, in my own life, I seem to be putting points ALL OVER instead of focussing them on particular skills.

I am an actor, a comedian, a writer, a business idea generator, an internet marketer, and a real estate investor.

I am dividing my points up among those strengths instead of focussing on any one or two in particular.

Perhaps it's time to focus my points and start knocking out evil more effectively....