Saturday, January 13, 2007


My "Secret" "Turning Point"...

Ok, THIS is freaky....

I have watched the movie THE SECRET a lot of times, as they say that to benefit fully from it, you should watch it at least 7 times. I have watched it at least that many times, and there's a part where Bob Proctor says that to test the thesis of the movie, that you can experiment:

He says to concentrate on someone you haven't spoken to in a while, and soon enough- seemingly out of the blue- someone will ask about them, or you'll hear from them.

I heard that, and said- "Yeah, funny how that happens..."

Then when I watched it with Laura around the 4th time, I said "I want you to be my witness; I am going to think about JASMINE HARRISON, and I want to see what happens with that"

"Who is Jasmine Harrison?" She asked; without a hint of jealousy.

Jasmine Harrison was a girl I was mean to in Junior High School. I had no business being mean to her, but she made the mistake of telling me that I was wonderful and she loved me.

I punished her for her good taste!

But then, that was junior high school. That was 20 years ago, and I had only run into her once since then- at least 6 years ago.

I have had NO REASON to think of her.

Anyhow, I have lately been feeling awful for how I treated her, and awful for whatever way I might have programmed her, and I really wanted to make amends. So that's why I was thinking about her- I wanted to be able to tell her that I was sorry.

So, I kept watching the DVD, and everytime it would get to that Bob Proctor part, I would say "Oh yeah- think of Jasmine Harrison"- and I would.

I didn't "Visualize her"
I didn't "Feel the feelings"
I Didn't "Meditate" about her.

I was just reminded.

So, this weekend I'm at Marshall Sylver's "Turning Point Weekend Seminar", which is all about trance and hypnosis and becoming all you can be, blah, blah, blah, and WHO is there?


I JUMPED up when I saw her, hugged her, and at about 5000 words per second told her how glad I was to see her. I told Laura:

"Oh My GAWD- It's Jasmine Harrison- this is the girl I wanted you to be my witness for!!!"

During the break, with a lump in my throat, I told Jasmine that I was sorry for treating her so badly, and and we both had a tearful hug over it.

I wish I had the words to express to you how grateful I am that she was there, and that I had the opportunity to apologize to her.

So far, this "Turning Point Weekend" has been good, but seeing Jasmine has been the best part-
I even had the chance to encourage her to eat fire-

Maybe it can be a "Turning Point" for both of us.

What Is The Secret