Wednesday, January 17, 2007


David E. Kelley is now on my hero list...

I watch Boston Legal mainly because my REAL hero William Shatner is on it; however, the writing and the brilliantly crafted storylines keep me coming back.

Every week there are some ZANY antics, and lots of sex talk- obviously inappropriate for a law office- and I think that keeps it exciting and laugh out loud funny.

However, I have decided that all of the antics on the show are just the way to keep it light as David E. Kelley and the writers not-so-subtlely express their opinions on absolutely everything.

An Artists' Dream.

Granted, the show tends to lean towards the left side politically, but it manages to express both sides of an arguement rationally and convincingly. In the end, our heroes at Crane, Poole and Schmidt usually win, but that's ok with me.

David E. Kelley, for having the balls to say what you wanna say on TV, and have people listen- you have earned a place on my heroes list.