Tuesday, August 08, 2006


The Conspiracy Of Guilt and Blame

Education in America is at a CRISIS- kids are hardly learning anything at all, and what they DO learn is totally out of date and unimportant.

The Schools should do something.
The kids should do something.
The Parents should do something.
The Government should do something.
White people should do something.
Black people should do something.
YOU should do something.
I should do something.

Yup, and we ALL feel REALLY guilty about it, and we are ALL to blame.

But GUILT isn't a substitute for change.
and BLAME isn't a substitute for change.

In fact, Guilt and Blame keep things the same.

It's almost like if you feel guilty ENOUGH, then you don't have to change anything-
or if you can blame someone else ENOUGH, then you don't have to change anything.

But that's WRONG.

And that's not just for schools- it's for EVERYTHING.

Men who beat their wives feel GUILTY for doing it, so they don't change it.
Women BLAME their husbands for beating them, so they don't change it.

Women feel GUILTY for choosing men who beat them, so they don't change it.
Men BLAME their women for making them beat them, so they don't change it.

Smokers feel GUILTY for smoking, and they ALSO BLAME the cigarrette companies-
Cigarrette companies feel GUILTY for their product, and BLAME the smoker for smoking.

The Obese feel GUILTY for their habits, and they BLAME food.

At a time when the Dollar is imaginary;
When someone's handshake needs to be witnessed by lawyers and documented in triplicate;
When a promise to marry until death is broken within the same year,

Have GUILT and BLAME become the new currency?

Can you educate an illiterate adult with guilt?
Can you buy back thousands of Darfur lives with blame?

Why don't we cash in our imaginary currency of Guilt and Blame for a REAL good:


And not the type of responsibility that is DELEGATED or MANDATED,
but the kind of responsibility that acknowledges ALL of our power.

Whether you know it or not, just BELIEVING that we are PERSONALLY responsible for
EVERYTHING makes a difference.

With FREEDOM comes RESPONSIBILTY, and we are the most free creature on the planet-
So we are the most responsible. We have been saving our responsibility for a rainy day, but
this 21st century is a fine time to invest it:

I am responsible.
You are responsible.
We are responsible.

Let's dip into our Responsibility Savings Account and pay off our credit card of GUILT, and
maybe earn a little more responsibility and pay back that BLAME equity loan.

When Blame and Guilt come to collect, let's have Responsibility write them a check.