Thursday, July 20, 2006


The Difference between YOUR bank account, and BILL GATES'

Ok, so I have just bought three houses, and have an offer in on a fourth.

All within a month.

And they are my first properties.

Why would I all of a sudden get so "gung-ho" about doing real estate?
It has NOTHING to do with the climate, nothing to do with the economy,
nothing to do with my personal finances. I'll tell you why:

I am finally APPLYING the knowledge I have been gaining.

I noticed this pattern where everyone gathers information, and then ACTS on it.
Some people need NEVER-ENDING information, others need very little.

For myself, I usually need very little to go on for something, but Real Estate
kinda scared me. I kept getting knowledge until I finally put it into action.

And OF COURSE, I could have done it long before; there was nothing to be afraid of.

So, then I realized that the difference between me and some of my other friends

The only difference between MY bank account and Bill Gates' Bank account is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE.

Not only did he learn to build a business, he also APPLIED what he knew.
Warren Buffet APPLIES what he knows to Stocks.

So, that's the whole thing:

"The only difference between YOUR bank account and anyone else's is APPLIED KNOWLEDGE"

It's a nice quote, isn't it?