Saturday, June 17, 2006



We went and saw CARS the other day- cute movie. Not as good as... well, ANY of the other pixar films, but still very cute.
Here's why I'm writing about it-

The "lack" programming that I see everywhere lately is really starting to get to me.

What I mean by that is that somewhere there's this idea that making money, getting rich, doing well, coming in first, being smart, being pretty- all of those things that make you stand out are BAD.
I think that "society" somehow enjoys it when someone who is doing well SLOWS DOWN so they can be on par with everyone else.


It sets you up to ALWAYS fail, because if you just do what everyone else does, you're mediocre, and that's bad- and then if you do better- then you're evil somehow.

Pretty people are envied by ugly ones.
Rich are envied by poor
smart are envied by dumb.

That's how it is. And somewhere, someone told the masses that:

"Pretty people are shallow" (At least if you're ugly, you're probably smart)
"Rich people are greedy" (At least if you're poor, youre honest and spiritual)
"Smart people are AMBITIOUS" (At least if you're dumb, people like you)

That is ALL garbage, and the programming has to stop.

Keep an eye out for where you see this programming, and you'll suddenly see it everywhere-
and then you'll realize why everyone is scared of each other.

I say we let each other's light shine, and we'll have a MUCH brighter world.