Saturday, March 18, 2006


I didn't write yesterday, but I'm making up for it now-
We went out with Leah and Angie last night, who both work at the Pancreatic Cancer research center, a non-profit about awareness. Angie said that there;s some crazy woman who wants to WALK from LA to Winnipeg because her father is dying of Pan Can.

Ok, so she's nuts- however, they Pan Can research center decided that there was no opportunity here for fundraising! Ok, so the walk is a bad idea, but the STORY is a good one! I say they fly her out there, and tell the whole story, get the airline to fly her free, make a site for people to have support and tell each other's stories, and GET FUNDS!!

She said they passed on the whole thing. That's what happens when people have jobs that ask them to NOT be creative. I guess I'll have to start that non-profit one day.