Sunday, August 12, 2001



There are many different opportunities on the internet, and I am part of several of them- I will NEVER recommend something that I haven't put my own money into as well. Join whichever ones you like, or call me to touch base and figure out what's best for us to work together.

Humanitarian/Personal Development

is for the person who wants to MAKE A DIFFERENCE as well as create an income. It is also for the person who wants to develop and learn new skills. I HIGHLY recommend HUB.

Health Products
Check It Out

AGEL's products are an entirely different way to look at supplementation. Instead of pills, these products contain more nutrition, in a more convenient, great-tasting gel pack. The easiest and most impressive to sample by far. My 2nd recommendation.

My World Plus is one of the easiest to get into, and one of the simplest to maintain. The initial investment is so teeny-tiny, as well as the single-line compensation plan makes this ideal for the rank beginner.

Global Domains International is also for the rank beginner- simply get some folks to your website, and see if they're interested in building a web-based business.