Thursday, February 26, 2015

How Actors and Artists Can Use Their Blog To Get Work

I made this powerpoint in October... of 2013... and I never made the video!

So, when I found this, I figured that people would benefit from it, so I
made this super quick. Tell me what you think!

The Kalatu Blogging platform starts with a 21-Day Blogging Challenge,
it's fun, but you obviously don't havr to do it- check it out here-

So, Actors have learned that having websites are good as digital business cards, but what your blog can be is a sort of magazine about YOU as an actor, or as a person.

An Actor can use their blog to get work because part of out business is "getting known",
and that is exactly what a blog is for. Artists use their bogs all the time to show their fans their new work, so why not YOU?

Check out the Kalatu Blog-

And if you'd like to Build Your Acting Business without a day job, go to

Monday, February 16, 2015

How To Write A Kid's Book, and Make It A Best-Seller

Every once in a while, I get a call from someone who wants to write a book. Sometimes it's fiction, sometimes it's non-fiction, but my favorite is when they ask about my children's books.

I wrote and published "What Kind Of Penguin Are You" and "What Kind Of Owl Are You" not too long ago, and I thought I would pass along a few ideas.

Know this: Parents want to entertain and make their kids happy! Now that I am a father, I will buy and read ANY book that seems half-way decent if it will make my kid smile!

If your intention is to create smiles, then you really can't go too wrong. When I wrote those books, I imagined that I was reading them aloud, because that's probably how they'll be read. 

Is it entertaining on it's own? 

What about the visuals? My books visuals are extremely simple, but other people make very elaborate pictures to bring kids into the world of their books. 

Not many people know this, but my Penguin book was written AND published in a 24-hour period, and has been selling ever since.If you set things up in a smart way, your book can have a long cycle.

HOWEVER, the biggest thing I learned is that there is a difference between writing a book, and publishing and selling a book, and I had to learn that VERY IMPORTANT lesson from someone else.

I learned how to do all of this (and many other things) from my secret weapon- Jay Boyer.

His company JJ Fast publishes many kinds of books, and I am actually an excellent customer of theirs and have learned a lot from them. 

They are doing a children's book publishing webinar this week, and I am very excited to add some extra tips to my knowledge:

I learned a number of great things from Jay:
  1. How to find ideas for kids books
  2. Where I can find illustrators for cheap
  3. When is a good time to sell children's books
  4. Why Children's Kindle books can be a steady source of income
If you want to learn how to be a children's book author, I suggest you get on his webinar before it fills up. He always provides great info, and I can't recommend him and his company enough.

See you on the webinar!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

11 Things You MUST Accept To Make Everyday A Snow Day

Today, New York City is on Lockdown because we were all expecting a HUGE snowstorm...
But it didn't happen.
People are home today with their kids, and on facebook they are all talking about how GREAT it is to have a "Snow Day" again, and how wonderful it would be to always have this option.
You CAN have this option everyday. I've been saying it for years.
I've taught and taught, and taught, and it seems like people are finally getting it.
You really CAN build your life and income without a day job.
There are a few things you have to accept though:

11 Things You MUST Accept To Have A "Snow Day" Everyday...

1- You have to have snow
2- You have to make money another way
3- You can make money by selling things online.
4- You can make money by selling OTHER people's things online.
5- You can just promote a link, and get paid for that.
6- One of the best ways to do that is with a blog.
7- You will make money by offering a LIST OF PEOPLE many different things.
8- You can do all of this at the same time
9- You can do it enough that you never need to ask someone for a job or day off again.
10- You can do whatever you want with your life when you aren't trading time for money.
11- You can sled, ski, snowball fight, or make snowmen all day when you aren't working a day job.

Can you accept those 11 logical steps?
Great- then put them all together here-

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