Tuesday, December 16, 2014

I had a good idea #JarOfChange

So, I got home a little buzzed after having a few beers while seeing a Gotham City Improv show,
and looked at the jar of change I had on my table. I had a Gemini Conversation:

John: I gotta go convert this to cash

Bones:  You should donate it

John: That's a good idea

Bones: Yeah, but what if you made it fun?

John: Oh, like a game?

Bones: Yeah, we like games!

John: Ok, so what game?

Bones: Oh! I know- let's get other people to guess hw much is in there, and then who ever is closest gets us to donate the money to their charity!

John: Damn, you ARE brilliant!

Bones: I told you!

So, I posted it on Instagram and  Facebook:

So, after a few days, I closed the guessing.
There were like 25 guesses (I expected a lot more people to play)
and that's when I thought it might be a good idea for other people to do.

Anyway, we went to the bank:

So, the winner for the first "Jar Of Change" is Jenny Lando, and we donated to Newtown Action Alliance- http://www.NewtownAction.org

But then I was like "Hey- can this get bigger?"

Like what if I get the site "JarOfChange.org" and I get other people to do the same?
Maybe I can make it a fun betting sort of thing, where everyone who guesses promises to pay up to the winners charity? Or just for the heck of it.... Maybe more to come, who knows?

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