Friday, May 02, 2008


NEW YORK, NY, MAY 2, 2008: It’s been said that in order to succeed, it’s all about “who you know”; but what if it’s actually “who made you”?

GeneLink, a 14-year old publicly traded company has launched a new website, where members can get their DNA assessed for weaknesses, and then get a customized solution to specifically match their needs-

including their financial ones. is so committed to supporting healthy DNA and spreading the word, they reward their members with cash bonuses when they refer others to the service.

Bones Rodriguez, an independent affiliate with the company, has been aggressively expanding the U.S. market.

He says “I’m looking for the entrepreneurial, go-getter type; basically anyone who wants to be healthy and be paid for telling others.”
Interested parties should contact Mr. Rodriguez immediately at 917-450-7925 or visit

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